How Would You Say Goodbye

Thanks to you, we are able to fight cruelty and respond to natural disasters every day of the year.

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As Americans continue to face an uncertain economy, many families across America can no longer afford the cost of pet care. Some are evicted from their homes and are unable to locate pet-friendly housing. When they are out of options, they forced to face one of the most devastating decisions of their life—the relinquishing of their beloved pet.
Please consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian today. Your monthly gift can help us keep pets in loving homes where they belong.
With your help, the ASPCA can continue to provide services for countless pets affected by financial crisis. Through our spay/neuter initiatives, pet medical care for low-income families and national shelter grants, we help provide low-cost services across the country.
We understand that monthly giving may not be possible for everyone. However, even a small one-time gift can allow us to provide these critical services. These wonderful animals don't have many options, but you can help.
Please join us and lend a hand to those who need it most—the families and pets with nowhere else to turn.
After all, how would you say goodbye?
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Always remember to Make Pet Adoption Your First Option®!
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