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Last Chance! Tell the USDA to Help Puppy Mill Dogs
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Dear Animal Advocates,

This is your last chance to tell the USDA to protect puppy mill dogs! The agency’s comment period ends next week. If you aren’t one of the more than 60,000 ASPCA supporters who have reached out to the USDA, please speak up now to support a proposed rule that would federally regulate puppy mills that sell their pups directly to consumers, sight-unseen.

When the USDA extended the comment period last month, our opposition took the opportunity to intensify its efforts against this vital rule. It’s now more important than ever that you speak out. Please act now, before the USDA closes the comment period, to make sure this important rule is adopted. In order to deliver your comments to the USDA’s offices in Washington, D.C., on time, we will stop taking new comments at noon this Tuesday, August 14.

Currently, only breeders who sell dogs to pet stores or to puppy brokers are required to be licensed and inspected by the USDA. What this means is that in many cases, no one is checking up on breeders who sell puppies directly to consumers, including over the Internet. As the ASPCA has seen firsthand, the photos of happy, healthy puppies posted on a breeder’s website often grossly misrepresent what conditions are really like for these puppies and their parents. Please help us ensure that this licensing loophole is closed!

It’s Not Too Late! Tell the USDA You Support the Rule.

The USDA is only accepting comments from the public on this issue for a few more days! Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online today to quickly and easily submit a comment to the USDA, letting the agency know that you support the proposed rule to close a loophole that has caused thousands of dogs to suffer inhumane treatment without any federal or public oversight.

Thank you for taking action for puppy mill dogs!

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